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At Crazy Daisies in Syracuse You Can Eat Among the Flowers

More than 2 decades ago, Jennifer Cox owned a food truck “before it was cool”. Today, she and her husband, Glenn, own one of the most popular dining spots in Syracuse, Crazy Daisies Garden Cafe. In April 2006, the Cox family began their plant business with the opening of their first greenhouse. In 2012 they added a barn and started selling their produce. The success of the family business led to bigger more imaginative dreams for their future. In the summer of 2018, one of the Cox children suggested they start selling breakfast sandwiches on the weekends. That then led to small plates and alcohol to the full menu that they serve today. Crazy Daisies is a True Family Business...

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Southern Comfort Food at NICE Biscuit

Have you ever woken upon the weekend craving some classic southern buttermilk biscuits? Well you’re in luck! Cristen Crew and Evan Furey have brought their love of cooking all the way from Austin, Texas. And the best part? Everything at NICE Biscuit is completely vegan - and delicious! How did NICE Biscuit get started? When the pandemic hit, we all found ourselves stuck at home - and many of us picked up new hobbies with our newfound free time. Like many others, for Cristen and Evan that meant more baking and cooking! And after cooking up a delicious meal from home, they found themselves dreaming of bringing their southern meal favorites to Syracuse. They saw other people pursuing their dreams,...

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The Best Cannoli in Syracuse, Part 3.

    It’s the final countdown…the moment has arrived! It was finally time to announce who the Hoagies Heros boys think has the best cannoli in the Central New York area. Narrowed it down to two finalists Cafe CaNole and Lyncourt Bakery with a surprise third contender being Geddes Bakery.  First up was Geddes bakery, first impressions were there was a lot of powdered sugar and the pitzel is not as crunchy as the two finalist. Zach gave the cannoli  a 5 and Anthony gave it a 6.2. Up next our first finalist Cafe CaNole located in New Hartford, NY and then Lyncourt Bakery located right here in Syracuse, NY. The Hoagies boys tried them both back to back and...

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Finding the best cannoli in Syracuse, part 2.

     If you thought that sweets week was over think again. The Hoagie’s boys are back by popular demand, and this time with more cannoli. An overwhelming amount of you all wrote in defending your favorite cannoli spots, so much that we couldn’t just leave it at one episode.  Anthony and Zach were going to hold off on going to Utica to see what they have cooking, but with stimulus checks in hand they decided the time was now! On this week's episode of Hoagie’s Heros the boys are trying out Cafe CaNole in New Hartford, NY and Nino’s Italian Bakery located right here in Syracuse. Cafe CaNole was up first, and it did not disappoint! Zach and Anthony both loved the filling...

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Finding the best Cannoli in Syracuse.

Holy Cannoli! It’s sweets weeks here at Eat Local New York and we are ready to dive in and enjoy our dessert first. If you missed the most recent episode of Hoagie’s Heros you’re going to want to head over and check it out. This week the boys wanted to find out just what it took to make a great Cannoli. The history of the Cannoli dates back to 827 A.D. in the city of Caltanissetta (the City of Women), Sicily, and believed to have either been created by concubines to impress a prince or by nuns who wanted to create a new pastry to celebrate Carnevale (a celebration that takes place before lent). To Instagram the Hoagie’s boys went to...

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