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The Best Cannoli in Syracuse, Part 3.

    It’s the final countdown…the moment has arrived! It was finally time to announce who the Hoagies Heros boys think has the best cannoli in the Central New York area. Narrowed it down to two finalists Cafe CaNole and Lyncourt Bakery with a surprise third contender being Geddes Bakery. 

First up was Geddes bakery, first impressions were there was a lot of powdered sugar and the pitzel is not as crunchy as the two finalist. Zach gave the cannoli  a 5 and Anthony gave it a 6.2. Up next our first finalist Cafe CaNole located in New Hartford, NY and then Lyncourt Bakery located right here in Syracuse, NY. The Hoagies boys tried them both back to back and then submitted the final verdict. Lyncourt Bakery came out on top with the best cannoli in Central New York. They have an amazing crunch to the Pitzel and the filling was unbelievable. 

Thank you all for tuning into the March Madness of Cannolis! Go out and try all the Bakeries mentioned and see who has the best cannoli.