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The Secret is Out! Underground Beer Lab is Incredible

Syracuse’s newest brewery is one of the best! 

About the Brewery


Underground Beer Lab. Which was appropriate since they were brewing in the basement!


While trying to get the brewery off the ground, Brian and Kevin met Keith Lindner, who had several years of professional brewing experience. Keith had previously been at Eastwood, Stout Beard, Critz, and Heritage Hill. It was a match made in brewery heaven and the duo soon became a trio.

The Beers

Underground Beer Lab specialized in IPAs and pale ales. Why? According to

two awards from the NYS Brewers Association. Defies Logic Hazy Pale Ale won silver and the Connectivity I Farmhouse Ale took home bronze. If you’re a fan of Treehouse beer, you’ll love UGL. And you don’t have to drive to Massachusetts to get it!

Currently Underground’s beers are only available in cans. No kegs, no drafts, just cans. Operating on a relatively small system, it’s the best way to get the most beer contained as possible - and it’s easily distributed. 

And while UGL has some staples in their lineup, they are being creative with their rotating series. A handful of their beers are parts of series - so you’ll notice numbers in the names and QR codes on the labels. Scan the QR code to find out the exact type of hops that were used in that version of the beer. Those ones are always changing, living up to their experimental nature.

Visiting Underground Beer Lab

The brewery officially opened in Spring 2021, but focuses on pick-up and to-go options. The guys do offer pours from the cans onsite, and have a few picnic tables to sit at. But they currently aren’t designed to have a crowd. If you do want to go and have a drink or two there, they encourage bringing your own chair. 

Underground Beer Lab
7000 Airways Park Dr, Suite D
East Syracuse NY 13057

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