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Raspberry and Elderflower Gin and Tonic.

  Here's how to make the refreshing Raspberry and Elderflower Gin and Tonic from our Instagram video. Take five raspberries and muddle them in your shaker. Add 1 3/4 ounce of Elderflower liqueurAdd 1 1/2 ounce of Gin Add 1/2 ounce of lemon juice. Shake it all together with some ice.Pour over ice inside of a collins glass. Top with tonic water to the top.    And that's it. Make your own at home and share your pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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At Crazy Daisies in Syracuse You Can Eat Among the Flowers

More than 2 decades ago, Jennifer Cox owned a food truck “before it was cool”. Today, she and her husband, Glenn, own one of the most popular dining spots in Syracuse, Crazy Daisies Garden Cafe. In April 2006, the Cox family began their plant business with the opening of their first greenhouse. In 2012 they added a barn and started selling their produce. The success of the family business led to bigger more imaginative dreams for their future. In the summer of 2018, one of the Cox children suggested they start selling breakfast sandwiches on the weekends. That then led to small plates and alcohol to the full menu that they serve today. Crazy Daisies is a True Family Business...

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Southern Comfort Food at NICE Biscuit

Have you ever woken upon the weekend craving some classic southern buttermilk biscuits? Well you’re in luck! Cristen Crew and Evan Furey have brought their love of cooking all the way from Austin, Texas. And the best part? Everything at NICE Biscuit is completely vegan - and delicious! How did NICE Biscuit get started? When the pandemic hit, we all found ourselves stuck at home - and many of us picked up new hobbies with our newfound free time. Like many others, for Cristen and Evan that meant more baking and cooking! And after cooking up a delicious meal from home, they found themselves dreaming of bringing their southern meal favorites to Syracuse. They saw other people pursuing their dreams,...

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Enjoy Modern Mexican Food & a Stylish Atmosphere at Elephant and the Dove in Skaneateles

When you walk into Elephant and the Dove in Skaneateles, the first thing that will blow you away is the decor. You walk in from the quaint village and feel like you’re stepping into a hip restaurant in Manhattan. But it’s not just the atmosphere that will impress you. The food and drinks are fantastic! Elephant and the Dove is easily one of the most beautiful restaurants in Central New York. And that should come as no surprise since it was designed by Thom Felicia (of Queer Eye fame). Owned by local celeb Adam Weitsman and his wife Kim, Elephant and the Dove was designed to honor famous Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Style overflows from every corner...

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Top 5 Tacos in Central New York

We went looking for the best taco's in Central New York and we have found the top 5 taco's around.  They are: #1 Carmelita's Mexican Restauarnt (Birria) #1 Madison County Distillery (Veggie)#2 Mello Velo #3 Mi Casa Grande#4 Ponchito's (Birria)  #5 XO TACO The search for the best taco in the tristate area has begun! In preparation for cinco de mayo Anthony and Zack are heading out to try all of your favorites and crown a 2021 taco champion. First up Anthony went solo and tried out Ponchito’s right here in downtown Syracuse! The two of their best tacos were the grilled shrimp taco and the chicharrones taco. First up was the chicharron, it fell a little short with outside of the taco....

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