October 27, 2022


This is our BIGGEST launch ever for the Eat Local New York Card! There are going to be 15 very happy people!

This is the biggest launch for the Eat Local New York Card that I have ever done and I cannot wait to make the card live later tonight…or Monday if you aren’t a paid Instagram subscriber. 

This year things are a little different with the Eat Local NY card. Each card has a unique number on the back for you to register at EatLocalNewYork.com/Register. Once you register your card, you’ll get access to tons of free perks for Eat Local NY members only and access to an invite-only party later next year. 

When I got the cards from our printer I noticed that there were 15 cards that weren’t numbered. These 15 cards are unique and different from every other Eat Local NY card. So I decided to make them special and give anyone who gets one of these 15 cards their choice of one of fifteen amazing prizes. 

I am releasing these 15 unique cards in the first 100 cards that get purchased. I will randomly insert these 15 cards in the group of 100 and if you get one of these unmarked cards, you’ll get to select the prize you want. You can purchase more than one Eat Local NY card and that will increase your likelihood of getting one of these 15 cards.

The prizes include: 

1.) Be a brewer for a day at Buried Acorn Brewing Company

2.) Get a cheesesteak named after you at Danny’s Steaks

3.) Create a cocktail and have it named after you at Three Lives 

4.) Be a guest on the Eat Local NY Podcast

5.) Get Free donuts for a year from Glazed & Confused

6.) Create a chocolate bark and have it named after you at Sweet on Chocolate

7.) Get free chicken sandwiches for a year at 3-1-Fried

8.) Have dinner with Anthony from Eat Local New York at a restaurant of your choosing

9.) Have a Guinness with David Hoyne from Kitty Hoynes

10.) Create a pizza and have it named after you at Toss & Fire

11.) Get free catering for up to 30 people from Limp Lizard BBQ

12.) Design a tattoo for Anthony to get on his arm

13.) Get a free Eat Local NY card for LIFE

14.) Get a free annual membership to Syracuse Eating Club 

15.) Get a Free ticket to all Eat Local NY events for LIFE

These prizes are first come, first served. So as one person chooses a prize, it will no longer be available. You will choose your prize by contacting me at Eat Local New York to claim your prize and verify your unmarked card. 

Sales are going live on Monday to the general public but I am opening up sales Friday, October 28th at Midnight to all paid Instagram subscribers. If you want early access to get one of these 15 cards, head to instagram.com/EatLocalNewYork and become a paid subscriber in our Instagram profile. Once you’re a paid subscriber (it takes 2 minutes) I will send you a DM with a secret code to use at checkout when you buy a card. If you don’t have the secret code, you won’t get access until Monday with everyone else. 

I can’t wait to release this years Eat Local NY card! Here’s to you getting one of these lucky 15 cards.