October 24, 2023


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This week I am talking with Chad Terrinoni of Hummingbird Heating and Cooling. No, Chad is not a restaurant owner. But the way he’s transformed his business and taken over this last year lead me to want to learn more about Chad, his business, and his advice for business owners. His story is truly inspiring as an entrepreneur and I highly recommend watching the entire interview. You can learn more about Hummingbird online at https://callhummingbird.com

I want to thank our sponsor for the Eat Local New York podcast, Brown Carbonic. Brown Carbonic is a family-owned and operated business here in Central New York that specializes in the beverage industry. They also offer Challenger Cola, a craft cola and beverage product that can easily beat Pepsi and Coke. Reach out to them at https://www.browncarbonic.com

You can visit us online and find more at EatLocalNewYork.com