June 30, 2024


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Welcome to the Eat Local New York Podcast.
This week I am recording on location at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

My guests this week are:
Matteo Frescobaldi from Laudemio Frescobaldi EVOO – 6:48
Piero Peduzzi of Rustichella D’Abruzzo – 16:19
Michele Fioroni Umbria’s Deputy President for Economic Development – 27:50
Maria Vittoria Finco of Monti Trentini – 40:46

Make sure you check out each of these companies and regions online at the following links:
Laudemio Frescobaldi EVOO – https://www.laudemio.it/
Rustichella D’Abruzzohttps://www.rustichella.it/

Region of Umbria – https://www.instagram.com/regione.umbria/

Monti Trentini – https://www.montitrentini.com/en