March 13, 2023


On this episode of the Eat Local New York Podcast, we’re joined by Adam from Old Home Distillers to learn more about the art and business of crafting premium spirits. With a focus on using local ingredients and traditional techniques, Old Home Distillers has been a staple of the Finger Lakes region for years, producing award-winning spirits that showcase the unique flavors of the area. Adam shares some fascinating insights into the history of the distillery, including the challenges of navigating complex state and federal regulations, as well as the rewards of working with local farmers and other producers. He also gives us a glimpse into the process of creating spirits like gin, vodka, and whiskey, from sourcing the raw materials to perfecting the final product. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Old Home Distillers or simply curious about the world of artisanal spirits, you won’t want to miss this engaging conversation. This episode of the Eat Local New York Podcast is brought to you by Brown Carbonic, a leading supplier of high-quality CO2 and nitrogen for the food and beverage industry. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services, and how they can help your business thrive. Brown Carbonic is a trusted supplier of high-quality CO2 and nitrogen for the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re a craft brewer, a restaurant owner, or a hospitality manager, Brown Carbonics products and services can help take your business to the next level. Brown Carbonic pride itself on delivering exceptional customer service, with a team of experts who are always available to answer your questions and provide personalized solutions for your specific needs. If you’re looking for craft sodas and beverages for your business, ice machines, dish machines, cleaning supplies and chemicals, or Nitrogen and CO2 for your bar or brewery, get in touch with Brown Carbonic today. You can visit them online at or call them at (315) 454-3591 At Eat Local New York, we’re passionate about supporting the vibrant food and beverage scene in our state. From farm-to-table restaurants to artisanal producers, we’re dedicated to showcasing the best that New York has to offer. Our website is a one-stop-shop for everything local food and drink-related, with resources for both consumers and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking for the latest restaurant reviews, a directory of farmers’ markets, or tips on how to launch your own food startup, we’ve got you covered. But we’re more than just a website – we’re a community. We believe that by working together, we can build a stronger, more sustainable food system that benefits everyone. That’s why we partner with local organizations, host events, and offer educational resources to help promote food literacy and support local businesses. So if you’re passionate about food and drink, and you believe in the power of community, we invite you to join us at Eat Local New York. Together, we can make a difference in the way we eat, drink, and live.

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