April 24, 2023


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Welcome to episode 168 of the Eat Local New York Podcast. In this episode, I am happy to welcome back KC from Fruit of the Fungi/The NY Mushroom Company.

This was a great conversation with KC about raising a family and being a parent while growing and running the business with his wife, kristi. I think it’s an important conversation to have, how to grow a business and provide for a family while maintaining a healthy balance. It’s a difficult task but one that so many are doing here in Central New York.

I am happy to say that our sponsor for the podcast is Brown Carbonic. If you are looking for Nitrogen or Co2 for your draft beer system, if you’re looking to replace Pepsi or Coke with craft sodas, if you’re looking for ice machines or dish machines, then make sure you turn to Brown Carbonic. You can reach them online at https://www.browncarbonic.com/