May 1, 2023


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Welcome to the Eat Local New York Podcast. This is Episode 169 with Paul Nasrani, founder of Adirondack Creamery.

In this episode, Paul and I talk about his upbringing, growing up working on a farm, and how he used to make ice cream on the farm using a simple recipe and how he’s used that simple recipe to start Adirondack Creamery.

I mention it in the podcast, but if you’re looking for a source for ice cream in your business or restaurant, consider Adirondack Creamery. They offer wholesale through local distribution and are a great local option. If you need help connecting to them, email me at [email protected]

Make sure to give our podcast sponsors a call for all your beverage needs. Brown Carbonic is a great local, family-owned company that puts the fizz in your biz. Give them a call at 315-454-3591 and tell them you heard them here on The Eat Local New York Podcast.

You can also connect more with us online at to see what we’re up to and grab an Eat Local New York card so you can save $5 at over 150 local restaurants all over New York.